Luxurious Apparel in Alaska Native Furs

New York meets Alaska Native

Its a long way to travel, but well worth it if you can afford the hotel. A coffee shop around every corner and combination smells of Falafel, fuel, and perfume waft through the sidewalks.  A far cry from the hometown smells of ocean, seaweed, and moss laden tall trees.

Some people are nice and some seem to stare right through you. But the trusty police man is always there to help you…especially if your lost.

The showing of beautiful Native works of art was in the National Museum of the American Indian first week in December. A small hand picked collection of some of the best American Indian artist in the U.S..

Each with there own style and purpose in life.  Artists want to save the traditional values in culture but yet perpetuate new growth to meet the trendy demand.  Each piece of art displayed took hours of concentration, talent and was available for purchase to the public. I might also add, at less the cost it would be in a gallery and straight from the artist that created it.  I have noticed their are getting to be fewer and far between places that offer such an opportunity.  Even more detrimental is the audience that doesn’t understands that such work is unique and can’t be bought at Walmart.

Locals and visitors flocked the tables at a chance to purchase the first unique pieces on Preview night. A few glass wine goblets smash the floor later in the night. Cash flows smoothly, but some artist found it hard to run a transaction through their card readers and have to manually write their slips. This can lead to issues of trust and if the card is true. I didn’t have problems with my card reader. I have an Alaska 2nd party credit card service who deals with these issues first hand and ensured me with the small band width program they use, I should not have any issues. Yeah! Alaska USA. I did have two cards decline, but the issues were worked out.  The main reason for transaction issues is the 113 year old beautiful, Beaux-Arts style, solid cement building cuts your bars down to two. Beauty can’t be helped. One must talk to those credit card programmers…if your “Square”, sorry, good luck.


Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House at Bowling Green

Sunny warm days don’t help to sell fur apparel. But we all know it will get cold…sometime?? Two weeks later, it just got warmer…lol. It remains a toss up whether or not to return. But all in all, it was a great experience and you just can’t put a price on that.


2 responses

  1. Pat

    As I was reading this, I felt like I was being drawn into a beautiful cold place. The photos are so pristine and relaxing. The (fake) snow gave me quite a chill. Your words helped me experience Alaska, hunting, New York and the wonderful exhibit that you so deserved to be at. Good things happen to good people. I expect lots of good things for you .

    December 19, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    • Thanks Pat. There are so many unique and wonderful adventures up here in Alaska the reality shows just can’t touch.

      December 20, 2015 at 8:54 am

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